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Expand Your Inborn Health —
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

What is Life Energy?

Energy flows through all living things — plants, animals, people. Today's Medicine measures this life flow in hearts (EKG), brains (EEG), and cells and tissues (MRI). This measurable Life Energy flows from the core of our healthy being and manifests outwardly, touching all areas of Life.

The universal recognition of this reality has created various names
for this force in many cultures.         

“Vital Force” and “Life Energy” in the West * Qi in Chinese Medicine
Prana in Yoga * Ki in Japan * Doshas in Ayurvedic Medicine

Energy Essentials Research

There are factors which enhance life energy, and factors which diminish life energy. The impact of enhancing and diminishing factors is clearly demonstrated by a simple energy-measuring test — used for 50 years by health professionals, and now by scientists, athletes, and in marketing. (see History of Energy Measuring) This huge leap demonstrates the internal changes within individuals!

Energy Essentials research explores — with precision — the nature of our human expression of health and expands this health to all areas of being fully human: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.    

Led by Dr. Ed Carlson, our team of professionals from health care, psychology, martial arts, engineering, mental health, spiritual practices, and qigong combine 100-plus years of experience in the field of subtle energies. Our network of colleagues has explored health, energy, and people over decades. They continue exploring practical uses in this exciting new area.

Unique developments from our research include:

  • The DTQ Process
  • 12 Core Health Expansion Levels
  • 9 Life Applications Series
  • Iceberg Process
  • Directing Core Energy
  • Wei Chi Filter
... and processes to measure, demonstrate, and verify both progress
and the retention of achievements.

Far beyond “treating symptoms” – and beyond "tapping" on acupoints
Truly Freeing each individual by internal energetic decisions
Deeply ~ Thoroughly ~ Quickly

We advanced from understanding dis-ease, to understanding HEALTH Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. This paradigm leap propelled us from "managing" disease/anger/negatives, into the new field of "creating" and "expanding" health, joy, wonder and competent living.

As Facilitators, we are "assistants" to individuals freeing themselves! Each person has an inborn core of health that can be re-experienced and re-activated — Assisted Re-Activation and Remembered Wellness.  

Looking backward at pain, or forward with fear, is no longer necessary. There is no need to relive any experience in order to regain our inborn core of health. Rather, we clear negative experiences in our life as our core health is re-activated to live creatively, powerfully, and joyfully.

The DTQ Process

The innovative and highly effective DTQ Process© (Deeply, Thoroughly, Quickly) dynamically achieves precise, powerful, stable re-activation of a person's innate "core health."

From our pure core, DTQ precisely and sequentially removes distortions to energy from the innermost levels, redirecting the flow of energy from negative to positive. This energetically "starves" the symptoms and negatives of life, which often fall away with no further effort, while the "nourishing" benefits of positive energy flow are enjoyed. Life now looks better, feels better, and is easier!  [Learn more about DTQ.]

Life Applications and Core Learning

With Core Health as the solid foundation, Energy Essentials continues developing useful Life Applications to optimize naturally living and expressing from our core in daily life.

YOU can now manage YOUR energy flow.

Practical applications demonstrate and assist you in all areas of your Life.

Core Health utilizes both major ways of learning and experiencing:

  • Objective, rational experience in the outer world.
    This is the describable, quantifiable, measurable —
    scientific outer reality.
  • Subjective, personal internal experience of the inner world.
    This is when you know, and know that you know — though unable to describe, yet. This is the ineffable inner reality.

Energy Essentials has mastered accessing both the Objective and Subjective dimensions - blending them to create a Whole.

While honoring the rational/objective, we can engage the subjective/experiential. The simple elegance lies in fully re-activating both, for optimal joy and creativity in living.

Please enjoy exploring Core Health, our Team, our Research, the Personal Success Stories, our Facilitators and Self~Assist Resources.

Contact us at Health@CoreHealth.us.


Essential - (adj.)
 Constituting the essence; inherent.
vital, innate, inborn, core, root.

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The QWIP Book

Core Health - The Quantum Way to Inner Power by Dr. Ed Carlson and Livia Kohn

"My instincts were correct on the issue I worked on. The process took me in, around, through, and out, with another energy glitch gone. Thank you again to you and to Core Health."
Mary Ellen Rivera

"I am deeply moved and impressed by how powerful Core Health is in opening up and accessing early memories/issues that are not reachable by the conscious mind.

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist  



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