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"Why doesn’t he ever look for what is right with me?"

This off-hand inquiry by a friend as we left a marvelous doctor using full-body energy analysis began our adventure into CORE HEALTH™.
Traditional counseling, medicine, dentistry, psychology, and allied areas generally look for what is wrong with us — what needs to be "fixed."

Inborn Core of Health

An inborn core of health exists within every person. Over the years, the core becomes covered by layers of conditioning and distortion from negativities in life. These layers are expressed into the body, mind, emotions, and into the world.

Discovery that each of us has Perfect Moments – the experienced essence of Pure Energy – provides a solid starting source and reference point, natural in each of us.  You can easily expand this pure energy into beneficial RESULTS. Because this is inborn, the clarity easily becomes a natural expression of us flowing into positive, powerful, healthy and creative ways of living.

Core Health is a non-cultural, non-religious expansion of our inborn core of health. This innovative process moves beyond “treating symptoms” and beyond "tapping" on acupoints to Truly Freeing each individual by internal energetic decisions: Deeply ~ Thoroughly ~ Quickly.

Core Health "prepares the terrain"

Clearing the Tangled Forest of Our Lives

Clearing "clutter," old decisions, and obstacles by expanding our inborn core of health releases many signs and symptoms of dis-ease. This easily frees each individual to achieve greater power, health, creativity, and enjoyment in daily life. Louis Pasteur, father of microbiology, on his deathbed, said: "The terrain is everything. The microbe is nothing."  

Yes, but how do we "prepare the terrain" of our inner life to be excellent. How do we access all of our body and all of our brain — our wisdom, our creative genius beyond mere functionality? How do we expand this into daily action? This is the practical application to achieve peak health and performance in our personal life, business, and sports.

In a forest, to grow corn effectively, we would prepare the terrain by removing trees, stumps, rocks, and  plowing the soil. Now the corn can be planted, receive sunshine and water, and bring forth a bountiful crop.

  • Core Health clears the tangle and forest of our lives.
  • Life Applications courses are the seeds we plant in the fertile field of our being. These are truly holistic, moving beyond band-aid remedies and confusion as to why corn does not grow among trees.
    Well prepared ground grows healthy crops.

Core Health assists individuals in preparing their inner terrain of innate core health, the fertile uncluttered ground that exists within us all. Living from fertile ground enhances our effectiveness with outside and inside factors — in all areas of our lives.

Core Health leaps to the core

No Need to Relive Your Past

Rather than traditional methods of "peeling the onion," or chipping away at problems from the outside, Core Health leaps to the core of pure health, removing energy distortions for the free flow of positive energy.  

This radical shift from traditional approaches does not require re-living or re-telling past "stories" — bypassing the pain, suffering, and continually being a victim. You do not have to relive it to remove it!

Deeper than mental or emotional — in the underlying energy aspects — poor decisions and destructive impulses are replaced with new "energy decisions", which reactivate and expand your original healthy and happy self. You can experience, measure, and demonstrate the re-activation of your individual inner strengths and identity.

The Core Health process moves sequentially through 12 Expansion Levels, clearing each distortion area 100%, plus Bonus Shifts contribute to maximal energy flow. Bonus Shifts are improvements in areas of life, in addition to the primary deeper area cleared.

The innovative and highly-effective DTQ Process© (Deeply, Thoroughly, Quickly) dynamically achieves precise, experienced, permanent re-activation of a person’s innate healthy core. [Learn about DTQ.]

Expanding Core Health is experiencing the reality in your energy, in your heart, in every cell of your body — so your daily living flows effortlessly, without compulsion, from the source of your natural ability to live a full and healthy life.

Core Health quickly restores positive energy  

Pull Out the Roots that Feed the Symptoms 

As people energetically experience their core of health, they become "advanced transmuters" and can quickly deal with anything.

For example, Expansion Level 1 covers the "Will To Live" and "Choosing to Live Healthy". Accomplishing this, one's Will to Live is undaunted by even major impacts in life. You have the power to maintain positive life-enhancing energy in the face of all challenges.

Core Health is so thorough and efficient, that within an hour, an individual or an entire group can experience the benefits and regain their power to live creatively from the inside, rather than reacting to outside people and events.

Like pulling out the root of a vine, symptoms and behaviors generated by energy distortions can simply shrivel up and disappear. Many signs, symptoms and old patterns simply fall away and are replaced by new health and positive energy.
  • Iceberg Process is a method developed to simultaneously clear every stimulus collected over a lifetime around an issue – such as self angers.
  • Directing Core Energy is a visual depiction of several Bonus Shifts that occur automatically without addressing them directly, from deeper core changes. [See Chart]
  • Wei Chi Filter enhances the wei chi circulating on the surface and just beyond the body to prevent negative energy of others entering you -- while letting in their good energy. Also, negatives in you -- yet-to-be-cleared -- are prevented from transmitting to the other person, while sharing your positive energy.

Outer "Proofs" of Inner Core Health

Chakras ~ On an Aura Video Station, Genevieve's chakras showed some constricted and some scattered. Applying familiar energy techniques did not create noticeable change.

However, the Heart Forgiveness process optimized ALL chakras. The experienced operator noticed a new phenomenon to her -- the optimal chakras were PULSING! Another benefit of Core Health.

HeartMath's "Heart Rate Variance" computer program demonstrates Physiologic Coherence. Turning on the program, the operator was amazed that Cathy P. was "so far in the green" (Coherence) -- naturally, with no training. Another benefit of Core Health.


   Green = 1" board 12"x12"
 Blue = 1.25 boards
 Brown = 1.75 boards
 Black = 2.25 boards
 Stacked multiplies strength

  • 15 individuals break Karate boards color-ranked through Black Belt.
  • No participant or guest had ever previously broken a board.
  • Women and men power-break multiple stacked boards
    far beyond the Black Belt level.
  • Steel Whip (back of hand), Press Break (without lifting hand from boards), plus several men breaking stacks of 5 color-ranked boards (equals 8 boards, each 1 inch thick) -- the World Record 2 years prior.
    Another benefit of Core Health.

Core Health provides the foundation for healthy living;
Life Applications provide the tools

Upon this strong foundation and fertile field of Core Health, you can easily build skills for daily living, intuitively on your own, or by utilizing the Life Applications courses.

In our holistic Life Applications courses we explore together with humor, creativity and great depth the ever-expanding areas of our lives concerning health, relationships, business, living intuitively, powerfully and freely. [Learn more about Life Applications]

Contact the Facilitator in your area for a personal session, and to be notified of courses they lead. 

Life is a classroom  ~  you bring your own Inner Teacher.


The Core Health system uses these techniques and processes:

12 Expansion Levels
DTQ Process
Iceberg Process
Directing Core Energy

"Strategies learned from Core Health have a calming, affirming effect on emotionally handicapped, behavior disordered, and learning disabled children. They in turn beautifully use it with themselves and each other!"

Joyce Evans
Special Needs Teacher

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