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Life Applications for Everyday Living

Building upon the interior foundation of Core Health, our Life Applications Series develop abilities for positive, creative and powerful expression in our outer daily life.

These courses provide refinements and effective tools that enhance expressing your true self authentically and easily. Each course creates personal, measurable, and retainable experiences — both subjective and objective.

Our goal: assisting you in freeing yourself to be excellent.

As you experience the power residing within, your life becomes an expression and expansion of that power. You can do this on your own, or Energy Essentials offers fun, focused workshops on the following areas. See: Courses and Facilitators.

Heart Forgiveness©

Heart Forgiveness is the key to unlock the door of the "energy prison" you have created with anger. Set your self free, with this simple key. We learn this in terms of energy, utilizing "energy measuring" as both a means of discovery and a means of experiential learning. True learning is by personal experience.

Growing up in a Judeo-Christian culture, we learn we are "supposed to forgive.” We sense this may be to benefit the other person. But often our techniques have been less than effective.

By not forgiving, we mess up our own energy. We put the other person in charge of our energy and life. How weird is that?

Heart Forgiveness provides the key to the energy prisons you have made. You simply unlock the door to let your self out. How easy is that?

Heart Forgiveness is equally powerful for a current issue or one of 10 or 50 years in duration. The beauty is you don't have to say who or when — or tell your "story."

Four sessions build sequentially. We assist your personal journey to include mastering Heart Forgiveness. We help you discover what enhances your life energy and eliminate what diminishes your life energy — giving you more energy for powerful, creative daily living. CDs of "Heart Forgiveness Series" are now available. 

Are YOU Funny with Money?

Most of us believe we want money, like money, and are abundance and prosperity conscious. But do this experiment: If you have some familiarity with manual muscle testing (if you don't, play with this anyway!), take a dollar bill and ask someone to hold out their arm. Start with the dollar 4 feet away. Now bring the dollar toward the person's head as you press down on their arm. What happens? Most go weak when money comes within 12 to 24 inches of their head!

Money is a symbol for the richness of ALL Life. Money is a symbol for receiving anything: love, touch, appreciation, compliments, wealth, prosperity. How do we clear the energy blockages to receiving all the good that can come to us?

In three easy and fun-filled sessions, you will master "clearing to receive and to create." (See Courses Available.)

Continuous Meditation 

~Core Health Spiritual~

Known also as Unceasing Prayer, this comes from the core inside your being, rather than from outside your self. In contrast to the many active modes, this is "receptive" — being still and knowing.

Sitting five minutes twice a day is carried forth into daily activities. Practiced over time, the meditation/prayer becomes subconscious and continuous. Thus you always function optimally.

People who choose to live in calm attentiveness will benefit immensely from these four sessions.

Ultimate Spiritual Journeys are going within your Self. There are few resources to move past conceptual thought to truly experiencing communion with God, Vastness, Universe through your own intentional purpose. Maintaining a monastic schedule, Core Health brings the resource of SILENT RE~TREAT into solitude and meditation. Silent Re~Treat is based on the Continuous Meditation/Unceasing Prayer process that has proven effective over decades. For a list of yearly dates, visit here.

Also available is the HERMITAGE -- for individual retreats into solitude, meditation, and stillness for a minimum of 4 days to two weeks; inquire to: health@corehealth.us.

Powerful and Positive Communication

There are 500 ways to communicate — words are the least effective. ~ Japanese wisdom saying

Mastering powerful and positive communication is a key to authentic Self-expression.

In this course, we begin with "creative use of language" expressing who we really are, and what we truly choose, and continue on to explore six forms of communication.

You can choose a single session or a more in-depth multiple-session process of further expansion of your ability to express your inner self fully in the outer world.

Readiness for Relationship

This course is for individuals to prepare themselves for relationships. Couples are encouraged to attend as individuals, with the focus on enhancing the self. This is a prerequisite for Couples Synergy. (See description below.)

Our souls are attracted. Then our personalities get in the way. The romantic phase is actually when we see the pure and true self of the other. Then, life's baggage in our personality begins to jockey for position and control. Research shows less than 10% of "issues" are caused by the relationship! Over 90% are from life's baggage each person brings with them.

Imagine a relationship with each person fully and clearly powerful within their self. Their love rises up like a spring seeking an outlet, an opportunity to express its overflow. Where 1+1 = ONE, making each individual greater-than-one; not a toxic less-than-one. Where each individual enhances, synergizes, and cheers for the other, rather than diminishes them.

Carolyn Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don't Heal, and Sacred Contracts, writes brilliantly on "Woundology." She clearly outlines how people seek to get "wound-needs" met in a relationship based on neediness. Unless both remain needy, or both get healthy together, any divergence causes conflict and dis-integration.

Readiness for Relationship prepares you as an individual to: 
  • Master unloading your unconscious, so you are clear to allow love to flow from your fullness as a gift.  
  • Be clear to receive love flowing to you as a gift. 
  • Be free of any strings attached — yours or theirs. 
  • Master "surrender" rather than "sacrifice." 
  • In-power and enhance other. 
  • Realize that in healthy relationships, both are more because of their togetherness. 
  • Know that each can be more of an individual ... and simultaneously more as a healthy and empowering couple. 
These abilities then are extended to family, to business, to organizations, and to community relationships. Join us for fulfilling sessions with individuals "preparing the terrain" of their own self for a healthy and synergistic relationship — with your self first!

Couples Synergy

Dealing with our self is a huge challenge. Integrating with another person is a further huge challenge for which we have little preparation. The best of intentions and dreams can become submerged in pettiness, control issues and power struggles.

Over the years, how do we maintain and enhance our positive synergy with our partner? How do we continuously flow from our power and creativity and lovingness, sharing experiences in life while enhancing and empowering our partner and our self?

What are the distortions caused by the "collective unconscious" of culture and society? What are the distortions that we personally bring to the relationship? Where are the distortions in our relationship?

You can be free of these energy distortions, in all areas, to fully benefit from your life as a couple.

*Couples only. Readiness for Relationship or Core Health is a prerequisite.

Parenting Intentionally and Creatively

Bringing another being into this world is a major life decision and responsibility. This series is designed to support you through each stage of successful parenting, from pre-conception and birth to rearing your children. In each of these areas, we make sure you are energetically clear inside, and have positive knowledge about the outside dynamics.
  • Pre-conception: Begin the process of intentionally and creatively birthing a child. Honor genomic imprinting. 
  • In Utero: Become knowledgeable about the secret life of your unborn child. What are beneficial influences you can have? What are negative influences on the child? Become aware of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s "Conscious Parenting" and how you actually influence the DNA of your child while in utero. 
  • Birth: Create the most positive birth experience for your child, leading up to and including the birthing place. Then bringing your child home. 
  • Child rearing: Positive practice discussions are initiated with resources for children moving through various ages. This will include adult children and grandchildren. 
Each area consists of three sessions, naturally spaced as your parenting process unfolds. This provides an additional continuing enhancement group as life progresses.

Path of Transition

In our culture, dying and death are not well understood, or accompanied by a comfortable skill level. We walk the "path of health" for most of our life, seeking healings and wellness. Eventually that path diverges onto the "path of transition" as we move into dying and then death.

  • How can we be in tune and aware of when the path diverges? 
  • When is the time to stop fighting disease, and come to acceptance of the change in paths? 
  • Then, how do we simply "be" with someone? 
  • How do we walk the path of transition in a healthy way — for ourselves, or with a friend or partner? 
  • How do we "die healthy" — spiritually, mentally, and emotionally — though our body’s life is ending? 
This creative, loving four-session series explores expanding our understanding and increasing our comfort levels. Our goal is to help you increase your ability to live healthy until your body dies, and to expand your ability to assist others on their journey on this path of transition. Thus dying becomes a celebration and even a welcoming - a birth into eternity.

Healthy Weight — Beyond What Goes Into YOUR Mouth

Two-thirds of Americans are overweight, nearly a third are medically obese. Obesity increased from 12.8% from 1976–1980, to 22.5% between 1988– 1994, then jumped again to 30% in 1999–2000. More than two million American adolescents became obese, and another 1.5 million remained obese as they grew into adulthood from 1996 to 2001.

More knowledge of nutrition has failed to stem the tide. Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. Depression, boredom, loneliness, chronic anger, anxiety, frustration, stress, problems with interpersonal relationships and poor self-esteem can result in overeating and unwanted weight gain.

What is eating you is more important than what you are eating. Until the underlying energy decisions are corrected, outside intervention has little or no lasting value.

This process determines your healthy weight. We then go "deeply, thoroughly and quickly" into releasing the underlying energy decisions that lead to weight issue - too much or too little. Free of these, achieving and keeping your healthy weight becomes possible.

Private Facilitation

Personal Experience > Full Realization >Authentic Expression Core Health Facilitators also facilitate with individuals, sequentially shifting their Personal Experience into Full Realization and further into Authentic Expression.

Courses and Training: Contact the Facilitator in your area for a personal session, and to be notified of courses they lead.

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