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Business Builds With DTQ

CEO to management, human resources to customer service to mail clerk, applying the DTQ Process (Deeply, Thoroughly, Quickly) is an effective tool to improve employee effectiveness, health, attendance, and thus productivity. Now we can truly improve "attitude."

Upon proving the efficacy of DTQ in your business, the process can be expanded to include Core Health. Annual medical costs can decrease,
while job satisfaction increases.

What will DTQ do for a business and its people?

Most people do their best to accomplish whatever is before them, to function with the top method they have adopted to perform a task, to manage or to create. This applies in all areas of life at home, at work, and at play.

Obviously not all processes or methods produce maximum results. With knowledge of DTQ, your employees, managers and CEOs can rapidly shift distracting and disempowering states of mind or emotionality. This is a natural, fast return to a strong grounded sense of "who they are" in their best moments, easily adapting to new demands of a work/business environment and the fast-paced changing world. From mail clerk to CEO, they master the ability to "self transform" challenges.

What about the needs of business management and supervision?

DTQ empowers managers and supervisors with higher options and methods to solve problems. They can inspire, empower, and redirect staff back onto the main track easily and quickly.

Managers and supervisors can handle negative circumstances, incidents, and emotionality that arise in the work environment, and with DTQ transform that energy to a positive for all.

What will DTQ do for your business?

Business must have greater flexibility than ever. The business structure with the greatest flexibility will be the dominant system. DTQ provides open-ended flexibility, and can seamlessly integrate into any program a company now has in place.

DTQ assists your business to:

  • Gain and maintain a laser focus, empowering others with the same ability
  • Create a tenacious commitment to results
  • Develop innovative teamwork
  • Be optimal in coaching and mentoring
  • Produce true over-the-top leadership that ignites the fires
  • Help employees master pressure and learn how to let "work stress" fade away
  • Decrease sick days, increase attendance, reduce medical costs
  • Create an environment where all levels find their maximum working potential with enthusiasm and job satisfaction
  • Own the how-to for exceeding corporate expectations and doing it now with optimum results
  • Enjoy employee satisfaction

What can DTQ do for business?

The bottom line:


Business Team

Jewel McKeon, CEO & Founder, Power Point 3 Inc., An International Business Development Firm Specializing in Branding, PR & Design. Ms. McKeon is the recipient of the following awards: 2004 National Business Woman of the Year; 2003 Florida Business Woman of the Year; 2002 Top 100 Tampa Bay Business Woman; 2002 Woman on the Way. Her clients range from past United States Presidents to major medical facilities, municipalities, museums, energy technology, organic industry, for profit and nonprofit initiatives to an entrepreneur with a vision.  Jewel@PowerPoint3.com, www.PowerPoint3.com,

Cell: 727.224.3544/Office: 727.796.1487/Fax: 727.796.7614.

Jewel McKeon

Jill M. Perline, Jill is a Certified Naturopathic Doctor and a Licensed Massage Therapist,MA:34146, the author of the upcoming book “pH: Plugging into Health” and was certified as an Advanced Core Health Facilitator in the first course offered in 2005. Jill’s programs have helped thousands of individuals nationwide achieve better health, healing, and overall peak performance. Jill has assisted individuals in freeing themselves from diseases that traditional approaches thought were impossible to eliminate. Her clients range from under privileged children, CEOs interested in increasing their bottom line, to individuals suffering from diseases such as cancer, depression, and addictions, to elite athletes looking to improve performance.
 Owner of International Health Alliances; drjillperline@gmail.com
Denver, Colorado 727-710-5455

Jill M. Perline

Lori Evans, Founder and President, Evans Communication Group, LLC, Clients: US Army, National Park Service,  U.S. Forest Service, Maryland Department of Transportation, Virginia Bankers Association, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Banking Institutions, Healthcare Organizations, Women's Organizations, and National Institute of Health. Lori@LorieEvans.com, www.LoriEvans.com.

Jewell McKeon

Business Research Opportunity

Dr. Ed Carlson, the founder of Energy Essentials, participated in research for "Implementing Conscious Business®," a Ph.D. thesis by Drumm McNaughton, Ph.D., CMC (Certified Management Consultant), The McNaughton Group, drumm@thechangeleader.com.

Now Energy Essentials is expanding research to business on a formal level and is seeking an interesting research project.

Businesses can apply to

to participate in a publishable research project. We will donate our time and our expertise.

“My family, employees, and I have done many “improvement courses” for better business and the Quality of our Lives.  This program is by far the most practical and effective – with the most comprehensive and lasting benefits." 
   – CEO Paul Deihl in Tampa

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Energy Essentials and Core Health, Inc, our programs and people research expanding health
as an ALLY to traditional medical and other treatments.
We do not offer therapy of any kind – continue your care from your healthcare provider(s).
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