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Developed by Dr. Ed Carlson, the DTQ ProcessTM (Deeply Thoroughly Quickly), reactivates a person's innate core health.

By precisely locating what are known as the Starting Point, Decision Point and Anchor Points, the process is able to completely clear energy distortions. Then   using the person's "Perfect Moment" — a memory of being consciously aware of being connected to all — the person "connects the dots" from their innate core health to the present. The result is positive energy flow, and all its ongoing benefits.

How it works

For example, migraine headaches, bulimia, cancer, emotional wounds, weight problems all have a Decision Point when the person subconsciously decided to have the problem. A negative energy "finds" an event to attach to.

Earlier in life, the person started down the road to making that decision by picking up the first bit of "evidence," the Starting Point.

The pieces of "evidence" picked up along the way eventually coalesce by some stimulus into the Decision Point. The Starting Point is the initiation of the negative energy collects "evidence" seeks an event.

Following the Decision Point, additional baggage/”evidence” is collected, then there is another stimulus that creates an Anchor Point a reaffirming of the Decision. This anchors the Decision more tightly in energy.

This negative distortion of the individual's energy field by the Decision begins to flow energy into creating all kinds of dis-ease, signs symptoms, discomforts in an effort to get the person's attention to heal the distortion.

The DTQ Process clears the Starting Point, the Decision Point, and the Anchor Points. Like pulling out the root of a vine, the entire vine withers and is gone.

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DTQ (Deeply Thoroughly Quickly) is the proprietary process developed to clear energy glitches, traumas, or poor decisions, allowing Core Health to expand positively into that area.

Core Health describes the innate, inborn spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health in an infant and in a young child. This always remains at the core within each human being.

"Perfect Moment” is experienced by every individual when they are age 5-9 and beyond, and is a conscious awareness of being connected to all, and that all is good. This is the experienced essence of Core Health.

"Energy Decision," in contrast to mental or emotional decisions, is at the much deeper and more thorough energy level. An energy decision flows through mind, emotion, and body. It is transformational. Energy Decisions run our lives.

“Ongoing Benefits” describe the continuing and residual improvements in baseline measures for weeks and months following the final session.


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