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Energy Essentials has researched with individuals and with groups.
Here are 31 of many individual true stories. Some were with a group, some are individual sessions, some are on their own, and some Bonus Shifts. Each is unique, and very poignant, pointing to our rich potential.


Jill: I have received so many great benefits as the result of my participating in Dr. Ed Carlson's Heart Forgiveness series and in Core Health. One of the greatest rewards was in regards to my singing. I am a professional singer for 15 years. Through the tools and teachings of this class I was amazed to discover that when I sang I was actually giving my power (in a subconscious way) over to a former voice teacher from my past.

We also discovered that I was singing from my head and not my heart! This was quite disturbing to me since I feel extremely passionate about my singing and want it to be useful in helping people to heal and get in touch with their higher self.

Once I had this awareness, Dr. Ed was able to take me through a very simple process that put me back in charge and also enabled me to sing truly from my heart.

After this process was completed, Dr. Ed then asked me to sing a few lines of a song and the resulting shift in my voice was profound! So moving, that it brought tears to the eyes of all who witnessed my transformation.

My fellow music partners (voice coach, music director, etc.) have definitely noticed the difference and the response from my audiences also reflects this change. Now I am able to offer heartfelt and heart-aware healing through the vehicle of my song.

Phone: 615-594-5567



See sports performance improvement examples, including work with a golfer and a boxer.


Concert Piano

Judy: Music is a Gift a source of Healing, Inspiration, Joy, and Comfort. Our Healthy Core Group helped me open myself to love, appreciate, and celebrate myself to a greater degree. It provided me with tools to eliminate negative, destructive patterns, beliefs, and habits and to replace them with positive, life-enhancing ones.

The intimacy and supportiveness of the Group under Dr. Carlson's guidance created a context of safety, love, support, encouragement, and appreciation which was deeply meaningful for me. I played my piano at our Group meeting. I was assisted to re-experience that "I am a Gift; my Music is a Gift; my piano-playing is a Gift; I play with and from my Heart" it was a revelation of Truth.

Performance anxiety, nervousness, inhibition, and self-consciousness gave way to openness, joy, confidence, and self-healing. With my background as a concert pianist, from my student days and throughout my performing career, these are NOT concepts that are part of the process. Quite the contrary. it is all about competition, success and failure, being in or out, ego-building and ego-bashing, and consistently high stress levels.

Through our work with the Group, the life and soul-affirming recognitions and messages came like a Healing balm and a reminder of the Truth about myself and who I am, how special my gifts truly are, how much I have to offer, and how much I am able to share and give through them. With thanks, Ed and Group, from my Heart! Love, Judy

judithalstadter@verizon.net, www.spiritonwingsofmusic.com 


Good Health Leaps Higher

Ed: Running, how could I LEAP in one week from 2 miles to 4.3 miles, next week to 6.5 miles with ease?? In my 65th year, only running twice a week, 4 months each year a true minimalist running has become easier and easier. I was not excessively winded, not perspiring heavily!! What is this?? From 20 minutes of running to over ONE HOUR continuous running! Not a single walking step or tying a shoe lace.

RADICAL Amazement. This RADICAL LEAP in health blew away any physiologic paradigm limits that may have been lingering! See full story (PDF, Adobe Reader Required).



Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

I am deeply moved and impressed by how powerful Core Health is in opening up and accessing early memories/issues that are not reachable by the conscious mind. Many of the children that I work with have had significant trauma, abandonment or neglect in their first few years of life. Core Health allows these issues to arise, be made known, and then cleared.

Children love it. I am very very grateful to have been introduced to this process and modality. Having been exposed to many modalities of healing, I am impressed how Core Health works so deeply in such an efficient manner.

My teenage clients really enjoy participating in the process.


Virulent Cancer Vanishes -- New

Forearm amputated, a year of chemotherapy and surgeries at leading cancer facility, with NO results. Next treatment plan was to do a surgical "Quarter Body Resection" of collarbone, scapula and entire left shoulder!

In 7 weeks with Core Health and Dr. Garcia, M.D., all cancer vanishes.

Journal of Am. Medical Assn. Oct 21, 2009 reported on by NY Times, "Cancer Vanishes without Treatment" is the title, and in the article "cells... revert to normal." The article is not related to Core Health's growing string of success expanding health.

This article acknowledges what Core Health, Dr. Bruce Lipton and others are validating in the body's amazing capacity to return to wellness when we get Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit FREE of junk and baggage accumulated in life by expanding our natural inborn core of health.


Self Clearing:12 Hearts Singing

Mary Ellen: I love to do the freeing and clearing process on myself.  Before Core Health all my feelings were smashed together and I could not tell one from the other.  I was just a big hard ball of emotion.  Now I can differentiate the different feelings and what they are and what they are associated with because Core Health cleared out sooooo much junk and debris that when I have a “funny, strange, anxious” feeling (in other words when I AM not at peace), I know that a pebble of junk has surfaced and I need to deal with it.  Sometimes a rock surfaces … or bigger things …

I begin by finding a word that matches the feeling I am experiencing.  [Giving it a “Name” is essential] A word that really resonates with the feeling, so I know it fits.  Then I always ask does it have a Physical component, Mental component, Emotional component, Spiritual.  I like to do this because it helps me to understand how ingrained the feeling/pebble/emotion is in me, or how deep the roots are buried.  I energy measure myself to see what percent the word applies to me now, and I like to know that I was 100% free of this word/issue when I was five years old.  Then I sit and let the stillness bring up the event for the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual components to any or all that apply. 

I set my timer and do my breath prayer first so I am really relaxed. I then hit the timer again and go into a freeing and clearing process for myself.  They always are different as far as the twists and turns they take, and the understandings that come out of the process. I always end up 100% free and clear of whatever the issue was when I re-measure myself. 

Sometimes I see the four hearts of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual components in front of me, and do heart forgiveness with them to start the ball rolling.  I like to just let the experience flow wherever the clearing process wants to take me.

I had a really powerful experience with an issue I was clearing. It had P, M, E, S components, so I knew it was rooted deeply.  It really does not matter what the issue was, but where it took me is what is important to share.  At the end of my clearing and freeing process, I saw myself encircled by 12 hearts representing the 12 Expansion Levels.  They were holding hands and singing to me – as we sing after Core Health sessions. 

“Row, row, row YOUR boat. Gently down the stream. 

“Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. 

“Life is YOUR creation!!”

The hearts were holding hands and swaying with the music and singing with such gusto that I knew they were very much assuring me that my life was in order and that all was well and was going to be well in my world. They wanted me to know that my life is becoming what I choose for it to be.  It is up to me to make the choices and go with it.  This was a very moving experience for me.  Of course, I cried.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  The experiences that Core Health brings up into my awareness are making my life such a wonderfully incredible journey.




With no effort on their part, two Core Health people (50+years of age), were told by their Ophthalmologist that their eyes have improved significantly— distance and astigmatism.


ANA (Anti Nuclear Antibody) “spontaneously” improves
after 30 years.  “Bonus Shift”

Elaine: ANA tests for autoimmune diseases. Below “one in 40” is healthy. The scores are “one in 40” or 1:40, 1:300, 1:600, 1:1200.  My highest was 1:1200. ANA measures jump around, but once positive will always be positive, I've been told by different doctors. I remember how L___'s numbers changed to negative after working with Core Health.

In 1970, an allergy doctor, ordered my first ANA test after noticing a “butterfly rash” on my face... a symptom of Lupus.  It was 1:300.  He said not to worry unless it goes up.  A few months later, a retest showed 1:600.  Other tests were inconclusive, so nothing was done. I developed allergies for the first time: cats, foods, asthma, others.

Over the years, I periodically check ANA. Symptoms can be ache-ness and often 'flare' if under stress, spending time in the sun, etc. The day I had the first, major panic attack, early 90's, the ANA measured 1:1200. Panic attacks can be a symptom of autoimmune issues.  I received anti-anxiety medication and referral to a rheumatologist. Nothing else to do unless symptoms became worse, so I chose to relax as much as possible and see what happened.  My numbers have ALWAYS been high, and I was told again and again ... that ”once positive . . . always positive.”

At the start of Core Health Research on 'Moving into Joy' (our depression group), I had ANA tested.  It was high 1:600. I was seeing a rheumatologist on a several months basis. I'm not sure when the shift happened. Months later, during the Core Health group, the doctor did an ANA test.

As I later sat with the doctor, reading the results upside down, I noticed the ANA result was 'negative'.  I pointed it out ... shocked...first time it is negative in 30 years.  Said to doctor. “Negative....do you realize what this means?” I explained how I'd been involved in Core Health. The doctor looked through my records and said my chart had been all over the place for years...and listened with interest to what Core Health does, how someone else’s Lupus disappeared after Core Health. My ANA has remained “normal” for 2 years.

Amazing. Wonderful.  Grateful.  Joyful.  Another example of the miracle outcomes from clearing the junk out of our cells and becoming healthy. Thank you to Dr. Ed Carlson and this innovative and highly successful process.

I'm still in awe over seeing that “NEGATIVE” on the test result !!



Multiple Severe Emotional Traumas

Jennifer: My childhood was very abusive, and I escaped my family at age 17. I had four failed marriages. My only son was killed in a motorcycle crash. I lost my executive position because my feet and back hurt so much. I now work as a secretary at a marina. I was quite angry at God and at life, and very miserable. I am diagnosed as depressed and am on prescription medication.

I began Core Health on the insistence of a friend. After the first session I felt better. At the end of the second session I could describe my son's accident with less intensity of grief, and then began telling good things about him. The third session, I freed myself of anger at God; I also gave myself 100% permission to be free of grief so I can continue to fully love and celebrate my son, and my self.

All my baseline measures of health and attitude soared in the positive direction. My Beck Depression Inventory was reduced in half in 4 or 5 visits. I am feeling like a real human being in my mind, in my emotions, my body and spirit me!


Death-Prognosis Autoimmune Reaction

Laura: My diagnosis, severe autoimmune disease. My prognosis, death in six months. Five medical doctors sent me to a psychiatrist to get ready to die in six months. My searches found a chiropractor who assisted me as well as he could. I moved to St. Petersburg and found a new chiropractor. His sense was that a large part of my condition was emotionally generated and referred me to Dr. Carlson for the Core Health series. I have completed the Core Health series and from there was referred to a specialist in Atlas-Axis and Cranial Adjustment, and to Grand Master David for special assistance. With this great team approach, I now test free of autoimmune — FIVE YEARS later!!



Chronic Severe Depression

Renee: I began the Healthy Core group in November 2004 as a skeptic, but a desperate one. My life had pretty much hit rock bottom, I was severely depressed, and I had been that way for quite a while. Nothing I had tried to alleviate my misery had worked, and I only kept going on because I was too much of a coward to kill myself. I want to provide a bit of background because only by doing so can I explain the tremendous changes the Healthy Core classes had for me.

Background: I struggled with depression for much of my life. To set the stage, my family of origin was very often mean-spirited, violent, chaotic, dismissive, and devoid of nurturance...
See full story
(PDF, Adobe Reader Required).

 "2 Year Followup" This is an incredibly wonderful journey.  When I look back, I see the avalanche of challenges that came my way over several years had seriously eroded an already shaky sense of self-worth.   Core Health entered my life at a critical juncture (perhaps when the dire state of my psyche allowed skeptical  me be most open to it) and provided me with the safe space, the encouragement and the tools I needed in order to create a positive reality and to envision a brighter future for myself.  Core Health allowed me to see within myself a person defined by more than my external circumstances, and importantly, to truly believe that person has genuine innate value.  For me, this has been one of the most important opportunities I have ever received in my life. Talk about an “Aha!” realization!  And once again, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am enjoying my BUSY Executive Director position in a program for teen girls!
See full story



Brain Cancer Disappears

Meg: My medical saga began in 2004 as a vibrant owner of my own advertising company. I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I went through chemo and radiation. My lungs became clear. In January 2005, having headaches, I had a new MRI. There were 12 lesions in my brain, the largest over a centimeter in size. While the medical doctors prescribed chemo and radiation again, they pretty much indicated there was no hope.

A friend introduced me to Dr. Carlson. He did not look at my x-rays or medical records, rather he said “We deal in health, not disease. I do not know about your brain cancer, but you can be healthy mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and mostly physically. We all die... I could be run over by a truck on the way home and die before you. Life is about Quality, regardless of quantity." I agreed, and we started Core Health, first elevating my Will to Live from 47% to 100%. In that first session my body pH went from 6.7 very acid, to 7.1 alkaline. Cancer can only survive in an acid environment. After four sessions condensed in two weeks of "preparing the terrain,” he referred me to Grand Master David and another healer for one session each. My friends gave me a session with an Indian healer.

In March 2005, six weeks after my first MRI, I had another MRI, my brain was completely clear, gone! This was confirmed a week later by a CAT scan. Reports are available.

Being the consummate researcher, Dr. Carlson tested me for:

1. "What percent each procedure contribute to my health." Chemo 19%, Radiation 2%, Core Health 55%, Indian 6%, GM David 12%, Ellen 6%.

2. "Did sequence affect the percentage; i.e., if someone else went first would they have contributed a higher percentage." Yes

3. "Did each enhance all the others." No. Core Health enhanced chemo, David, and Ellen.

4. Chemo was enhanced by Core Health, David and Ellen.

5. David enhanced chemo, CH and Ellen.

6. Ellen enhanced CH, David and chemo.

7. Most importantly, "My brain spots would have cleared without my assisting." NO I was the essential ingredient that permitted and assisted all the others being effective.

8. How did brain cells "get well" since brain is not known to regenerate cells? 6% Regeneration, 94% Transmute to healthy.

9. The most beneficial SEQUENCING of each healing component was then tested for use with other people.

P.S. When my hair was not growing back, we tested for “Live hair follicles.” Yes. “What % do I have permission to grow hair.” Only 72%, thus 28% blocking. Raised to 100% and next visit I had fuzz on my head.


Spiritual Hip Pain

Linda: For 2 years 9 months I experienced severe pain in both hips. Some nights I didn’t sleep because of the pain. I could not find a comfortable spot to rest my weary body.

For 2 ½ years I sought a variety of help for the pain. I went to a muscular therapist who is a known teacher and therapist all over the world. His remedy was to recommend lifts for my shoes and additional therapy with one of his highly trained therapists. For three months I had weekly therapy to no avail. I went to an excellent chiropractor who told me the lifts were taking away my life energy so I quit wearing the lifts. However, nothing he did improved my pain either. I went to see a different energy chiropractor, and did a kidney and liver treatment protocol. Again, nothing eased my pain.

I sought the assistance of another muscle therapist. She was excellent and very honest. After the fourth visit she told me there was “nothing more she could do for me”. This really scared me as I knew I had been to the best of the best. Was I going to spend the rest of my life in pain?

Finally I went to see Grand Master David Harris. He administered “rod therapy” (an Oriental therapy) for a “record” 3 hours. The pain vanished………… for 3 days. When I had a disagreement with my life partner, the pain came back in full force. I became highly concerned that I was bound to live with this pain for the rest of my life.

Determined to get to the root-cause of the hip pain, Dr. Carlson and I did DTQ therapy to discover when this problem started. We discovered it began at the birth of my second grandson. At delivery, he emerged very gray -- I thought he was dead. It took some time, and an ungodly scream, to finally see pink coming into his tiny body. The experience was extremely traumatic for me. Fear and terror filled my being and never left. This finally manifested itself as extreme hip pain.

Dr. Carlson arranged a visit with Grandmaster David later that day. When I arrived GMD had been pondering on my problem, he energy measured from my finger and independently came up with the same time frame of beginning we discovered earlier that morning! This was absolutely amazing.

GMD silently treated me for a half an hour – the pain left me and has never returned. We discovered that the problem was actually a spiritual problem. When it was addressed for what it was I was totally free of the pain. The pain and discomfort had a definite spiritual component. Never in my wildest imagination would I have guessed that being present for the birth of my grandson could have such a profound affect on my physical body. For 8 months I have been totally pain free.



Stuttering for 34 Years Gone in 20 Minutes

Larry: So many times over the years my hopes were raised about getting my stuttering and blocking under control. Being a long-time member of a national association for PWS (People Who Stutter), and being on several international e-groups, you hear a lot of what’s being tried. I had read a new book on stuttering and placed a call to the nationally known author for suggestions how to get started. He suggested that I contact a trainer named Devon in Phoenix and gave me his number.

I set up a meeting with Devon for the next day. He said he would be using DTQ process and a program called Core Health. Within 20 minutes I was speaking fluently with no struggle, totally at ease! I left after an hour and called my dad on the way home. We talk for 45 minutes straight, I was completely fluent! Let me tell you, nothing has ever worked like this Core Health stuff.


Drug Addiction: 15 Years of Crack-Cocaine

Pete: It took some time for my addiction to destroy my marriage. I did all I could to keep it hidden from my wife and my family. Now I was losing my business. I never worked for taking care of her or building a business. I worked so I could feed my 15-year addiction to cocaine and crack-cocaine.

My addiction was my life, there was little else left. You know, just going thru the motions. When I fessed up to Mom, it confirmed her suspicions. She asked if I really wanted to do something about it. Halfheartedly I said yes. She said she knew a trainer from Phoenix who used a thing called DTQ and she would call him right away. Inside I never dreamed something could be done.

Within the first meeting I was free from a 15-year crack-cocaine and cocaine addiction. It's been over a year now and I'm still free! Thank you Devon and thank you Energy Essentials.


Severe Anxiety in Youthful Mother

Kelly: I'm a young mother of two boys, 7 and 3. Their father abandoned us close to two years ago and it has been difficult raising them by myself. I had some help from family and friends but I still felt alone to face all that needed to be done for them. My best friend who was with me through thick and thin, and of great support, was recently killed in a car accident. When that happened, my world caved in. Antidepressants became my way of life.

My older sister had begged me for awhile to see Devon, 300 miles away in Phoenix. That he could help using DTQ and Core Health. I personally felt hopelessly lost. I did finally give in to her. After the first visit I felt a huge difference. The next day I had another one-hour visit with even greater results. I finally felt really alive again and have discontinued my antidepressants completely. My 3-year-old climbed into my lap and said "Mommy, you feel better!" Life is a joy again.



Nancy: Yes, I have achieved my healthy weight of 130 pounds. I was at 140 at the beginning of the Healthy Weight workshop. I feel great. I feel in control. I even feel empowered to resist my temptations when it comes to chocolates and chips. Remember that salt and vinegar potato chips were my comfort food. It's nice to be able to eat those foods occasionally, and make peace with the fact that I can still be my healthy weight if I treat myself to those foods once in a while.

I still use the positive imaging we learned in the class, and I also practice the meditations. I don't beat myself up if I "slip" back into old binging patterns. I am still chipping away at my iceberg, but it is definitely getting smaller and doesn't appear as threatening to me anymore as it once did.

I am being kinder to myself. This, my friend, is progress, and it feels so good. My daughter even started her first job at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
I asked her NOT to bring them home, but occasionally she does. As I walk past the Krispy Kreme box in my kitchen it's like the box is saying "eat me, EAT ME!!" I walk right on by saying, "No." Once in a while I'll have one with a glass of ice cold milk and smile as I say, "Sugar is my friend."

Thank you for including me in the Healthy Weight workgroup study. It has changed my relationship with food in a positive way. Light and love to all in the group. If you want to share my other "issues" with the group you have my permission to do so. I feel like I have conquered the monster that has been trying to control me for years. I have a bad day now and again, but I am definitely on the path of recovery. I feel empowered and so much stronger than I did just a few months ago. Love and light from my healthy heart to yours.

(about Christi) With over two years of treatment and several psychiatrists by age 15, Christi’s grandmother brought her to an advanced group. During the progressive relaxation, including heart, mind, emotions, will and spirit, Christi went deeper and deeper. As we emerged, she began to cry, then to sob, then wail hysterically. The group continued as a therapist took Christi and Mom to another room. They participated in the second half of the group.

Later realized that as we went through body, mind, emotions, and spirit, Christi recognized how severely she had betrayed her self. What she experienced was penthos, uncontrollable sobbing from the core of being. She came with her mother for one session of DTQ in which her mother gave her permission to be fully self-actualized individual. A few days prior she had been involuntarily committed into the psychiatric hospital, and never "purged" again after leaving.

During the summer, she chose to go to another town to live with her grandfather. As school approached, Christi told her mother she was going to stay with her grandfather and go to school there. Her other grandmother told Christi at lunch how much she was missed. Christi said, "The hardest thing for me to do is not call my mom and say I want to come home. But I know that since I want to be healthy, I cannot go home."

At age 15, Christi was still very close to her core of health. Her inner healer spontaneously re-claimed that when given the slightest opportunity. Christi healed herself we never addressed bulimia. She also intuitively recognized "enmeshment" is one of the bottom lines of all eating disorders.


Death Wish

Tom: I was a struggling chiropractor, bankrupt once in another state, struggling with two offices, poor professional partner and failed relationship where I felt used by an older divorcée.

Core Health may have saved my physical life, certainly my mental, emotional and spiritual life. In an "emergency" session we did Death Wish/Will to Live. My Death Wish was high. In less than an hour first visit, we reactivated my Will to Live to 100%, and the other issues on that level to 100%.

As I was leaving I said, "Oh, by the way, when I was 16, Bobby Barker told me I was a 'shit magnet.' I am not a shit magnet." I put my arm out for energy testing, and sure enough, I had bought that I was a shit magnet! No wonder so much crap was happening to me! We cleared that completely in the same single visit. Since then my life has turned around amazingly in my professional career, my finances, my living situation, my physical life and comfort, and most of all in my minute-to-minute attitude and joy of live. My patients are loving the real me!


Severe Migraine Headaches - 2 individuals

Ann: I have dealt with migraine headaches for over 25 years. They started in my early thirties and continued on with great regularity. I averaged two migraines a week using the medication Imitrex to control them.

Over the last three years, with the work I have done in Heart Forgiveness and Core Health, my migraines have diminished to one every 4 - 6 weeks and the severity is much diminished. Clearing out all of the emotional baggage has reset my emotional/chemical health to be virtually migraine free. This has been a cumulative and progressive process.

It has been months since I refilled my prescription and before I would worry that my medication wouldn't last through the month. I trust that I will be completely migraine free in the near future. How incredible to have this time and energy back in my life!



Mike, 46, headaches every morning upon awakening for past 15 years.
Tried drugs for migraines, etc, nothing works, so simply takes Excedrin and “lives” with them.

Atlas Vertebra can restrict blood flow to or from the brain, impinging on the Circle of Willis. See full story (PDF, Adobe Reader Required) 


Insomnia 15 years, age 84

Mary: CORE HEALTH 11 Levels and a bit of GMD techniques, plus some of your comments were passed on re: living life from this point on; I had to cut session short....saying I know she drives a long way....she said...."that's ok....my getting angry is gone"....we had worked on both rage and anger on several occasions.....and how debilitating negative emotions can be to energy levels

Wonderful that Mary is sleeping through the night now, having been an insomniac for 15 years.  She also grew from feeling isolated to out-there living life...........I had told her I had taken up Tai Chi which she then also wanted to do.....and gave her info for the Eckerd Courses in Dunedin.
Another story for your data, an 84 year old, 15 years insomnia, "Insomnia disappears with CH"....and anger and rage.
Email from Mary:  Dear Leslie,  I would like to express my appreciation for your help the past few months.  First and foremost, I am sleeping much better, usually about 7 hours each night.  This means that my energy level is increasing. 

Because of this increase in my energy, I’ve been able to bring my exercise routine at the spa very close to where I ‘d like it to be.  I joined a Tai Chi class.  I signed up for "life enrichment" classes at Eckerd College.  I rejoined Weight Watchers and have lost 7 pounds.  And I repotted my African violets - all 26 of them (not an easy job living in a condo). 

So, many thanks for your time and assistance helping me along the way.

With love and gratitude,


Sleep Anea

Ann: A sleep apnea test showed I stopped breathing 134 times during a night’s sleep. Following DTQ to directly address the issue, a subsequent sleep apnea test showed only 2 times I stopped breathing. I sleep much more easily and thoroughly and continuously, awaking refreshed and ready to go! 



Arthritis Since Childhood

Cathy: A client, in her late 20’s, had suffered with arthritis since she was a child.  With DTQ, the Starting Point, Decision Point, and Anchor Points were located. She was then able to completely free herself from the initial incident as well as the mental and emotional (subconscious) aspects.  The client experienced an immediate shift in her body and relief from the arthritic pain.  All this took place in one session.

atmancenter@earthlink.net, visit www.AtmanCenter.net


Painful Sex – Vestibulitis – Awry Menstrual Cycles 

Registered Nurse: I have completed the first 5 steps of core health with my "subject". She is completely healed from her long history of painful sex (vestibulitis). Her menstrual cycles went from 75 day to 28 days.



Crohn’s Disease at a Distance 

I attended Heart Forgiveness experience and Training weekend intensive. As a Registered Nurse, I was working on my general/medical/surgical floor (school age pediatrics) when I saw a mother I recognized and went to say “Hi”. She told me H.F. was back in the hospital with her Crohn’s disease. (H.F. is a female 16 years old, diagnosed 4/06 with Crohn’s).

The Mom asked me to visit her to say “Hi”. Toward the end of my busy shift, I finally had time to visit H.F. We made small talk, asking what precipitated her flare up and hospitalization. She said the surgeons told her, based on the X-Ray, scans, and imaging test that on Friday they would be surgically removing 3 feet of bowel and placing a colostomy bag.

As the family was telling me this, I intuitively was hearing “Help Me”.

I chose not to verbally offer Reiki or the Heart Forgiveness that I had just learned, as it is not deemed acceptable/appropriate for hospital therapy.

Driving home, I tried to call my wise older friend via cell phone to get her knowledge/ wisdom/ opinion. No answer. I left a message for her to call me. I tried calling the bookstore where she works – no answer there either. So I let it go.

While in the shower though, I thought, “I can send Reiki long distance, and I know it works. Why couldn’t I do a Heart Forgiveness long distance?
We are working with the
subconscious which is universal, containing all the information needed for healing.”

So, laying down for bed, I did my Reiki symbols to connect with H.F. Then I asked her permission to work with her towards healing. I received the go-ahead. I then started muscle testing ages for the Decision Point to have Crohn’s disease. I found it to be at 11 years of age.

Muscle tested for people who may have angered, frustrated, hurt her. Found it to be her father. I did a meditation with her subconscious and her father doing the Heart Forgiveness (heart having lips, vent to tell him how he made you feel, etc.). When I felt that was complete, I did a meditation with her – seeing all of her body’s cells being penetrated with God’s healing light washing away all disease, etc. She then muscle tested strong for “H.F. chooses to live 100%.”

The next day, her Mom said H.F. had NO pain during the night and was able to sleep. I told her Mom that I said “prayers” for H.F.

The following day, I again visited H.F., who told me she was feeling much better, had decreased pain and was able to sleep comfortably last night.

I remembered in Our Heart Forgiveness weekend, we talked about being invitational. I said to her, “Wouldn’t it be something when the doctors got in there to do your surgery, there wouldn’t be as much to do as they thought? Maybe you won’t need to have a bag.”

When I returned to work 5 days later (following our Silent Re~Treat), I took H.F. as part of my assignment. The doctors performed the surgery 3 days earlier, lapriscopically removing only 10 inches of intestine through 4 small incisions. She did not need a colostomy bag!

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory process of the esophagus, stomach, and bowel with no known cause. It causes fistulas and strictures in the bowels. Because of the strictures and repeated admissions, and pain that was not controlled with steroids and Lortab, the doctors decided to do surgery. It is usually the last resort for comfort/control of symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.

H.F. had a speedy and uneventful recovery. She was home 5 days later.



40 Year Hip Pain

Mary Ellen: I had another really good freeing and clearing experience.  This one had to do with my left hip where I have had pain for many years.  I always thought it was from falling out of the car or my injury from a fair ride.  Both incidents happened around 10 years old.  In the process the realization came to me that those incidents were not the decision points but anchor points.  The pain tested YES to having Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual components. In the spiritual part the event came up that it was an energy that I was born with.  (It reminded me of your friend/chiro in Atlanta saying you had an emotional energy attracting parasites but did not have the parasites yet, and you told him to clear that so you would not get parasites.)

Amazing, the realizations and awareness that come from such incredibly, seemingly benign places. I measured that I was not 100% at age one. I knew that the left hip represents your female empowerment. The process became empowerment as a human being, not just specifically female. I saw myself hiding behind a door and peeking out.  I was afraid.  I made the decision to open the door all the way and step out into the bright light.  I knew that I wanted to be a part of that light.  That was a good one!!!  It will be interesting to see where this decision takes me.  Probably all part of my wanting to know what to do with my Life and being ok putting myself out there.  My hip re-measured 100% free of pain!!



Past-Life Passing Out    

Jill: PS.. My newest Core Health client after 3 sessions has never had the issue of passing out in Dr's   offices (losing his energy) since.  We found that it was from a PAST LIFE not this life. He was  physician that died of a heart attack in sugery at the age of 34 while treating a patient...I'll give you the rest of the details when I see you......... Your presence in my life path has made it worth going on each and everyday...........J



Paralyzing Fear of Driving 

Mary: One of the many side benefits for me of the first half of Core Health so far is my ability to drive to Nashville on the Interstate Highway without the paralyzing fear I felt in the past.  I am able to go with the flow without any stress. It is wonderful. There are many benefits to your work both large and small.




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