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Discovery and applications in real life form our research. Each experience for the individual, group, and our research team creates rich expansions of results - generating concepts and understandings.

Our TEAM of professionals in the fields of health care, mental health, engineering, spiritual practices, and martial arts combine two centuries of scientific and wisdom research and experience.

Energy Essentials explores  the very core nature of humankind's expression of excellence — what limits us, what motivates us, and what liberates us. And, yes, how to use that information to create positive and powerful expression in our daily lives.

Continuing discoveries create advanced ways to easily remove opposition or struggle against our own excellent expression. Our results are demonstrated and verified. Most importantly, the results are maintained and "naturalized" as a way of daily living. The methods are sequential in process and implementation, creating results that are global and holistic.

Group Studies

Specific individual applications (31)

Depression Disappears With Core Health

Individuals medically diagnosed as depressed and on prescription medication emerged 100% free of depression. This group research details their achievements at 6 months, 18 months, and 28 months.

Following the holiday season, after only four sessions, we were amazed that all but one tested as no longer depressed! Documentation is replete with charts of positive change.

See Research Reports:

Freeing Incarcerated Criminal Drug Addicts With Core Health

The efficacy, speed, and durability of 14 Core Health sessions demonstrated with individuals imprisoned for criminal drug activities and addictions -- 100% success at 3 years post-release. No periodic support sessions were provided.

Core Health results stand tall when compared with faith-based programs having a 31 - 45% success rate. Volusia County Jail Addiction Program,"65-69% repeat offender rate" -- greater than the general jail population's 65% rate! Program of 8 years, $1,280,000.

See Jail Drops Treatment Program for Addicts.

Results demonstrate that Core Health works at the deep core essence in a sequential method that achieves true success. Beneficial results are measurable and naturalized into daily living.

Multiple baselines were established, including BDI-II, to demonstrate movement and retention. Participants range from age 20 to 61, male and female, many having multiple criminal and drug offenses. Some had been in as many as 10 recovery programs. Counselor Nate, commenting on the participants said, "We didn't hold back; in fact, we gave you the toughest ones!" 20 participants completed Core Health, 2 partially completed.

View Research Report: Freeing Incarcerated Criminal Drug Addicts with Core Health. (PDF, Adobe Reader Required)

Antioch Jail for Women:
Core Health and Heart Forgiveness

“The last time I asked, I was told none have returned to jail.” Alexandra

In 2 years, SIX groups of women have "graduated" by completing both Core Health and Heart Forgiveness in an ongoing program by Alexandra, an Advanced Core Health Facilitator. The Sheriff presented Alexandra with a plaque making her an "Honorary Deputy Sheriff" for benefiting over 100 inmates. This highly successful program continues every Friday afternoon.

View research report: Antioch Jail for Women: Core Health and Heart Forgiveness.   (PDF, Adobe Reader Required)

Alexandra with honorary plaque and Ruby Joyner, Administrator of CDF
Correctional Development Center of Davidson County

Body in Harmony (Weight Issues)

A 2+ years investigation began August 2007 into the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical issues of the "Gorilla of Weight" on the backs of so many people. Our results are freeing the Gorilla to go play in the jungle -- liberating individuals to live creatively and powerfully, free from ALL concerns about weight. This includes extra weight, bulimia, anorexia, and pancreas damaged by cancer. Discoveries and Results will be posted as the investigation progresses.

Core Health in Schools

An investigation began Fall of 2007 in K-5 school for 420 children.

The Public School System has designated this as a Pilot Demonstration.

Re-Certification Points (CEUs) are now available to teachers for completion of Core Health Series and Heart Forgiveness Series.

EVERY child is born with the innate capacity of resilience.

Core Health assists children to affirm and develop this innate resilience. This creates self-reliance and self-responsibility.

Prior research has clearly established the biological imperative for growth and development that exists in every human organism.

We are all born with an innate capacity for resilience, through which we develop 1) social competence, 2) problem-solving skills, 3) critical consciousness, 4) autonomy, and 5) a sense of purpose. Assisting children with staying healthy is far more effective than remedial efforts the rest of their lives.

Teachers impact student performance and outcomes - positively or negatively. Core Health for Teachers is a primary focus of our demonstration.

View Executive Summary: Core Health in Schools

Core Health Spiritual

Ultimate Spiritual Journeys are going within your Self. There are few resources to move past conceptual thought to truly experiencing communion with God, Vastness, Universe through your own intentional purpose. Maintaining a monastic schedule, Core Health brings the resource of SILENT RE~TREAT into solitude and meditation. Silent Re~Treat is based on the Continuous Meditation/Unceasing Prayer process that has proven effective over decades. For a list of yearly dates, visit here.

Also available is the HERMITAGE -- for individual retreats into solitude, meditation, and stillness for a minimum of 4 days to two weeks;

inquire to: health@corehealth.us.

Core Health: Beyond Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is demonstrated 50% more effective in 80% less visits than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and prescription medications.

Research with 35 participants demonstrates that Core Health is the next major expansion in results beyond Energy Psychology.

Participants had experienced a variety of Energy Psychology methodologies for 1 to 2 years.

This study includes charts of standardized, objective, subjective, and kinesiologic assessments of movement and results.

  • Weekend intensive pilot research with Core Health Levels 1-5.
  • 42 % average CES-D score improvement (depression measure).
  • 25.6 % average PANAS scores improvement – especially decrease in the  negative scores.
  • +9.26 points average positive shift on Daily Functioning Scale -10 to +10. Improved from - 4.18 average of 27 participants in the minus side of the scale. All participants, except one, achieved the + 7-10 range. 
  • LEAPS in Anabolic Energy measurements were astounding. 
  • Optimum pH Body Acid/Alkaline Balance achieved by entire group, from a very acidic beginning. 
  • 56.7 % improvement (decrease) in Cells Protecting. 
  • 96-100% on Joy Scale, up from 68 – 88% range. 
  • "Bonus Shift" "Bonus Shifts" of Physical improvements are demonstrated. In a dimensional expansion beyond Energy Psychology, Core Health frees our deep core essence in a sequential method, for durable global results.
  • View Research Report: Beyond Energy Psychology (PDF)  (Adobe Reader Required)

    Transferability Study

    This research demonstrates that a newly trained person can achieve the same positive results demonstrated by the Applications Research Team. This transferability research employed all baselines used for the Research Group on Depression, and achieved equally outstanding results.

    The individual demonstrating transferability was a participant in the original depression study research. The client, a mental health counselor, reported being depressed for 41 years (medically diagnosed and using prescription medication). Both traditional and alternative help had been sought with no relief -- until finally achieving results with Core Health.

    View Research Report:Transferability Study (PDF)  Adobe Reader Required)

    Ongoing, Dynamic Process

    Core Health and Life Applications continue to be applied to a variety of life challenges to move past distress into peak living — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is a dynamic process, ever unfolding and intensifying, continuing our goal of freeing humankind to be excellent.


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