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Sports Enhancements with Core HealthTM

"Football is 80% mental and 20% physical," the coach said to us.
"When a player and girlfriend break up, it affects him and the entire team."

This coach was describing an emotional and energetic problem that cannot be corrected "mentally" for the individual or the team. These are the incidents that become buried as time piles on more experiences, and they continue to accumulate as energy drains and glitches.

"I took this boxer to win a national title, and he never fought again became an alcoholic," a manager told us. Another skilled boxer, who formerly devoted many hours to practicing, now lies about training, is overweight, and has many illegitimate children. "They both lost sight of their dream, their vision their drive to be the best."

Individuals in football, baseball, basketball, entertainment, and other areas become addicted to drugs of many types all serving to numb the emotions. Fame, fortune, popularity, and skills on the outside do not make up for the anxiety and misery on the inside.

Regardless of skills on the outside, optimum functioning is created by clarity and freedom on the inside with a full and free flow of energy. "Personal energy management" must now be added to the skills for peak performance.

Core Health clears energy blockages and increases performance

Dr. Carl Amodio, a member of the Energy Essentials Applications Research Team, worked with a golfer eager to join the pro circuit. Using high-speed photos of the golfer's swing, Dr. Amodio energy-measured 16 photos, discovering the points of energy blockages in the swing. When the four blockages were corrected, the golfer's next drive went 40 yards further to the delight of his coach and the golfer.

Working with a plastic surgeon's golf swing, Dr. Amodio discovered an energy glitch in his left knee. Although no incident could be recalled, the glitch was corrected. As he hit the ball, the doctor immediately remembered that at age 16 he had torn his AC ligament! At that same moment, his pro shouted enthusiastically, "That is how I have been coaching you to swing!"

This pro, unable to bend over to tie his shoe for three weeks, received a side benefit. Without being asked, Dr. Amodio located his problem at age 24, corrected it, and the pro's back was again fully functional.

See more on Dr. Amodio and golf performance at http://www.wholebodyhealth.org/performance.html.

Core Health integrates the subconscious and body to increase performance

Dr. Ed Carlson and Grand Master David Harris worked with a right-handed boxer from Africa (our work is cross-culturally effective). With his first professional fight two days away, the boxer sought help for a broken knuckle on his left hand. Grand Master David corrected the knuckle, having the boxer punch the bag until completely comfortable.

Understanding the subconscious mind's job to protect us, Dr. Ed suggested energy-measuring for, "I am willing to hit 100% with my left hand." Sure enough, the boxer was not willing to hit 100% nor 50%, nor 20%. Not even 0%. We corrected that back to 100%.

Next Dr. Ed suggested checking for, "I am willing to hit full power with my left hand." The answer was no to 100%, 80%, 50%, 20%, and yes to 0%. We corrected that back to 100%.

The boxer consciously knew his hand was healed and comfortable, even to punching the bag bare-fisted (not allowed in his boxing club). However, his subconscious mind continued to protect the hand by limiting his willingness to hit, or to hit full power. Until it was intentionally corrected, this would have continued as an energy limitation to his skills.

Following the fight, two days later, his manager reported, "He knocked out his opponent in the first round with his left hand!"

Core Health optimizes teamwork

Team sports add a huge dimension. Interactions among players, with coaches, fans, school, owner, etc., set up a multitude of dynamics. Core Health can optimize teamwork, so every individual is playing together for the good of the team. This creates a true contest of skills, rather than a contest clouded by emotional and personality difficulties.

A current example is on one professional team the defensive team will not ride on the same bus with the offensive team because they "hate" them so much! Clearing those energy drains would be enough to make a huge difference in their season.

The key to peak performance

Skills are essential. Yet skills alone do not guarantee optimal functioning. Combining personal interior energy management and clarity with outwardly expressed skills results in peak performance.

This also creates the true joy of sport.

To energetically enhance sports performance, contact us at Health@CoreHealth.us.


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