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Grand Master David Harris

Immortal Champions, and Shun Shen Tao
"The Easy Way"


David Harris is Grandmaster of 3 Martial Arts and Qi Gong with 25 years experience. He held the world title in Kumite Open Fighting for 2 years and the world title for brick breaking, 18 concrete blocks to be exact.

 "I have now turned the knowledge and energy I originally learned to inflict damage or death, into healing. I find Core Health and the Skills Development highly effective ways of inner purification, and absolutely necessary to being optimally powerful from the inside, flowing into outer expression, in Life, in Martial Arts, and in Health.

"I began my study of Martial Arts at 4 years of age. Individuals who find one Grandmaster in a lifetime to study with are fortunate. Being in the right place at the right time, I have had the honor of studying with many Grandmasters in Martial Arts. Supreme Grandmaster Ashida Kim 'The Ninja', Supreme Grandmaster Charles 'Iron Eagle' Laver, and Grandmaster Jack 'Soke' Johns, just to name a few.

"Some of my styles of Martial study include - Shun Tao, Tai Chi Chuan, Fa jing Chuan, Baguazhang, Chinese Kenpo, American Kenpo, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Dim Hsueh, Aikido, Arnis, Kali, Tae Kwon Do, Goju ryu, Judo, Shoot Fighting, Kick Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, and many others.

"To understand the Martial Arts one must look deeper than styles. One must look inside themselves. Martial Science and Martial Studies are all reflections of you. Because all knowledge ultimately means self knowledge of the mind, body, and spirit, the study of one's self is what Martial Arts are truly about.

"All the answers to life are right in front and inside of us everyday. But so often we overlook them and thus take them for granted. We all have unbelievable power within us, of which 'Modern Science' has either little or no concept. Western philosophy attempts to discredit what it should be questioning. All things at this point in time cannot be measured by a machine; hence science's shortcomings.

"The whole of the universe cannot be put in a test tube nor under a microscope. Frequently, people ask me, 'What do you believe in?' Most imply some type of religion. I tell them 'I Believe in results, I have Faith in God'.

"I have also studied many healing systems as well in order to find the common link between all things. Some of the healing arts that I have studied include--Shun Tao, Qi Gong, Qi Gong (Rod) Nei gong, Dim Mak, Shiatsu, Tui na, Gua Sha, Jie Gu, An mo, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapies (Chinese, Western, Ayurvedic, and Rain Forest).

"I have also studied many of the more well known systems in United States some including EFT, Sedona Method, Silva Mind Control, Body Talk, Immunics, Reiki and many others."

Grand Master David has founded multiple systems of healing, one of which is 'Yes Therapy'. In 2004 he is was installed as the Supreme Grand Master of 'Shun Shen Tao' for the western hemisphere.

Contact: getjustice@justice.com

Website: www.ShunShenTao.com

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Always do right.    
    This will gratify some people
        and astonish the rest."
              ~  Mark Twain


   "I believe in results.
        I trust God."
                ~ GM David

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